Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much does it cost to join: There is pro-rated registration fee along with an optional subscription fee for Boy’s Life magazine for new Scouts signing up.

Money should never be a reason for not scouting, please talk to the treasurer and/or committee chair about Assistance Programs through theĀ Pack and the BSA.

2. How much are dues? How often are they and how can I pay them?: Dues for our Pack are $140.00 a year and are divided up into three easy payments of $46.67 with three separate due dates. You can pay the Pack Treasurer at Den and Pack Meetings with cash, check or card. You can also pay online using PayPal. See the Payment page for the PayPal link.

3. Is there any way to earn dues: There are multiple ways to help pay dues, cost of events, etc. Our Pack participates in Popcorn sales starting in August, and each Scout who sells gets a percentage of their sales back into their Scout accounts. In February the pack participates in Camp Card sales. Again a percentage goes back into your Scout(s) account.

4. Do I need to purchase/borrow a uniform: Yes, but our pack is a waist up pack; meaning that scouts should have a hat, neckerchief, slide, blue shirt with these patches: world crest/ring, red numbers 6,8,7, Atlanta Area Council and a blue belt. If the Scout is joining us during their fourth/fifth grade years their uniform is that of a full Boy Scout with the exception of blue shoulder loops. The Boy Scout uniform includes: hat, plaid neckerchief, slide, blue shoulder loops, brown shirt (with these patches: world crest/ring, red numbers 6,8,7, Atlanta Area Council, and their patrol patch,) tri-colored ribbons, belt, olive pants, and olive socks. *EBay, Goodwill, and Facebook Community Sales are a great place to locate uniform parts. Also shop the Atlanta Area Scout Shop for all your scouting needs, located at: 1800 Circle 75 Pkwy, Atlanta, GA 30339*

The Shoemakers are the perfect example of how the uniform should be worn

5. What is a Class A and Class B uniform: The Class A uniform is our formal uniform. The uniforms listed in #5 are considered a Class A uniform. A Class B uniform is any other shirt/hoodie/etc. that has the Boy Scouts of America symbol on it.

6. How often should scouts wear the uniform(s): The Class A uniform should be worn for every Den and Pack meeting, unless Den leaders have contacted the Cubmaster, Assistant Cubmaster, or Committee Chair.

7. Are girls allowed: Yes ! We haveĀ  welcomed girls to our Pack. We will have den(s) just for girls lead by a female leader.