Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much does it cost to join:

Money should never be a reason for not scouting, please talk to the treasurer and/or committee chair about Assistance Programs through theĀ Pack and the BSA.

2. How much are dues:

3. How often are dues owed and how can I pay them:

4. Is there any way to earn dues: There are multiple ways to help pay dues, cost of events, etc. Our Pack participates in Popcorn sales starting in August, and each Scout who sells gets a percentage of their sales back into their Scout accounts. In February the pack participates in Camp Card sales. Again a percentage goes back into your Scout(s) account.

5. Do I need to purchase/borrow a uniform: Yes, but our pack is a waist up pack; meaning that scouts should have a hat, neckerchief, slide, blue shirt with these patches: world crest/ring, red numbers 6,8,7, Atlanta Area Council and a blue belt. If the Scout is joining us during their fourth/fifth grade years their uniform is that of a full Boy Scout with the exception of blue shoulder loops. The Boy Scout uniform includes: hat, plaid neckerchief, slide, blue shoulder loops, brown shirt (with these patches: world crest/ring, red numbers 6,8,7, Atlanta Area Council, and their patrol patch,) tri-colored ribbons, belt, olive pants, and olive socks. *EBay, Goodwill, and Facebook Community Sales are a great place to locate uniform parts. Also shop the Atlanta Area Scout Shop for all your scouting needs, located at: 1800 Circle 75 Pkwy, Atlanta, GA 30339*

The Shoemakers are the perfect example of how the uniform should be worn

6. What is a Class A and Class B uniform: The Class A uniform is our formal uniform. The uniforms listed in #5 are considered a Class A uniform. A Class B uniform is any other shirt/hoodie/etc. that has the Boy Scouts of America symbol on it.

7. How often should scouts wear the uniform(s): The Class A uniform should be worn for every Den and Pack meeting, unless Den leaders have contacted the Cubmaster, Assistant Cubmaster, or Committee Chair.

8. Are girls allowed: Yes ! We haveĀ  welcomed girls to our Pack. We will have den(s) just for girls lead by a female leader.