Committee Meeting Minutes – May 2018


Pack 687 Committee Meeting

May 18, 2018 | 7:00pm |

Committee members present

Karen Twiggs, Committee Chair | Nick Shepherd, Cubmaster | Jenny Shepherd, Secretary |

  Pledge and Prayer- Moment of Silence for Mrs. Lisa Barbarossa: her memorial is on Saturday, April 21, 2018 at 10:00am.  All are welcome and asked to wear Class A uniforms, please extend this to your scouts and parents.  She was the director of the best day camp in the council and was devoted to Pickett’s Mill District.  
  Minutes from last meeting- Jenny Shepherd  

·       $1614.60 in Scout Accounts

·       $3668.55 in Bank + $457 transferring from Paypal to bank account

·       $150 for Kona Ice

·       $408.93 for Bounce House and Dunk Booth

·       $1952.02 in General Fund

·       Upcoming purchases: Cabinet for Storage at Bethany (Nick and Wynne will purchase)

  -Committee Chair update- Karen Twiggs-

-We have reserved 773 Scout Hut for June 15-17th for Baloo/OWL training

-We have also reserved Paulding Meadows for October 12-14 for our first campout

-We have several accounts who are over $30, and have only had a few register for our summer activities, to get the Summer Activity Award then we need more to sign up

-Next month we will be meeting on June 18 here at Bethany, we will be trying a new night for meetings

-Spring Fling 1-4 at Bethany, set up 12:00, if rain we will move the bounce house inside; Kona Ice, cotton candy, popcorn- pack paid $150 for Kona Ice for the scouts, beyond this is $2 for small Kona Ice


-CubMaster (Nick Shepherd)- assign leader rotation for Spring Fling stations

Wood Badge Ticket (Sherri Miller)- Sherri has reworked our pack handbook; copy of bylaws will be sent to parents for review, will be voted on by committee

Open Floor-

-Open positions- Treasurer- will need to be at every meeting or arrange with Committee Chair or Cubmaster to cover, update Trooptrack

-Advancement chair-

-Scout Closet- keep inventory, talk about it at pack meetings

-Recruitment for next year- den leaders need to have an assistant to maintain 2 deep leadership in all den meetings

-Thomas Farmery wants Nick to do BuzzUps and to give up Dugan for another pack to have more scouts, Karen wants to meet with Thomas to discuss Dugan to determine what he hopes to accomplish and impact to the packs