Committee Meeting Minutes – December 2017


Pack 687 Committee Meeting

December 21, 2017 | 7:00pm |

Committee members

Karen Twiggs, Committee Chair | Nick Shepherd, Cubmaster | Mike Shamlee and Kosol Kim, Assistant Cubmasters | Tiffany Smith, Treasurer | Wynne Shoemaker, Fundraising Chair | Jenny Shepherd, Secretary | K.C. Robinson and Chris Twiggs, Outdoor Chairs

  Pledge and Prayer  
  Recharter update- Thomas still needs YPT; Recharter is complete; need to follow up regarding Amerigroup voucher/payments for those eligible; need to confirm committee members turned in for the recharter  

·       $1,151.41 in Scout Accounts

·       $3,351.29 in Bank

·       $157.00 for Awards

·       $2,042.88 General Funds

·       Delinquent accounts- most accounts are delinquent, remind den to pay monthly, Amerigroup will only pay for recharter; do these delinquent accounts include moneys that should be going into scout accounts from popcorn sales?; what does Troop Track show as far as delinquent accounts, some discrepancies in what leaders see for money in Troop Track accounts vs. what the parent sees

·       Things Pack needs to purchase- AED- it was recommended to follow up with Atlanta Area Council or district to see if they have an AED or are able to purchase an AED to share amongst the packs/troops for outings- Nick is to follow up with Thomas regarding this suggestion


  Open Floor- Wynne will work on creating a flyer for the January 23 Pack Meeting to inform parents of Troop Track and using Paypal to pay dues, January 23 will be a business meeting and we should encourage all parents to attend as it will be informational for them

-Troop Track- we need to compare what is owed by the scout to what the parent sees to make sure it is accurate; whose responsibility is it to keep up with Troop Track information and make sure it is correct?

-Den Leaders need to attend Committee Meetings or at least send a representative from the den to keep each den informed of upcoming events and information scouts need, this should then be shared with all parents in the den; parents can’t be kept informed if the den leaders are not involved and keeping informed


  Upcoming Events/Calendar  
  ·       January 9th  – first meeting of the new year

·       January 20th– Arrow of Light Ceremony and Pack Science Day- each          den will need to sign up for an experiment and run it.  Please come out and support the Arrow of Light boys; these boys have worked extremely hard to achieve this rank.- Wynne is to follow up with Melissa regarding the sign ups and will help create a sign up for the event

·       January 27th– Pinewood Derby Build day at DeNyse Company (cubmaster Nick’s work) – open to the Troop to get service hours for helping cub scouts build their cars; Wynne will pick up donuts and orange juice, she will be sending out a sign up so she knows how many to expect and we know how many stations and who can man the stations for the build; hours will be from 9:00-12:00

4521 Industrial Access Rd, Douglasville, GA 30134