Committee Meeting Minutes – April 2018


Pack 687 Committee Meeting

April 19, 2018 | 7:00pm |

Committee members present

Karen Twiggs, Committee Chair | Nick Shepherd, Cubmaster | Wynne Shoemaker, Fundraising Chair | Jenny Shepherd, Secretary | Chris Twiggs, Outdoor Chair

Pledge and Prayer- Moment of Silence for Mrs. Lisa Barbarossa: her memorial is on Saturday, April 21, 2018 at 10:00am.  All are welcome and asked to wear Class A uniforms, please extend this to your scouts and parents.  She was the director of the best day camp in the council and was devoted to Pickett’s Mill District.
Minutes from last meeting- Jenny Shepherd

·       $2371.60 in Scout Accounts

·       $6579.87 in Bank + $460.77 transferring from Paypal to bank account

·       $1142.50 collected to date to be paid for camp cards

·       $520.00 collected to date for Day Camp

·       $225.00 for Porta Johns at Campout

·       $2781.54 in General Fund

·       Upcoming purchases: Books for the Cross Over (I am taking inventory before we purchase); Last purchase of Awards for 2017-2018 Scout year; Reserving Kona Ice for Spring Fling; Reserving Dunk Booth, etc for Spring Fling; Cabinet for Storage at Bethany

-Committee Chair update- Karen Twiggs-

Camp Out Update- it was a blast, thank you!

Kona Ice- $150 2-3pm, each scout gets 1, additional will be small fee for scout/parent

Uplifting Rentals $160 for dunk booth

Cotton Candy machine is free

Plan for next year- Paulding Meadows must be reserved May 1 for fall camp out, to be planned by Nick and Mr. Kim; October, local but offer facilitating Spookyree; how to get more engagement of scouts and families, need strong fall campout

Dens have been contacted about where they are in terms of ranking- Karen has deactivated accounts in TroopTrack of scouts who no longer attend

Please advise parents to make scout accounts current or cannot cross over, also the pack provides the book but parents need the new hat, neckerchief, etc.; Webelos will get the mess kits at cross over

Starting next week will start on sign up for Rome Braves and LegoLand- Rome Braves will be $5 for tickets and hot dogs tailgating; need August activity, could do raingutter regatta or cookout for popcorn launch

May move Committee meetings to another day for more participation- move to Monday nights 3rd Monday of month effective June

Any scout who has received uniform from donations and is no longer attending we need to know so that they can return to the Scout Closet; talk to Lindsey Kim about taking over the Closet

District Pinewood Derby- Friday, April 27 weigh in 6:00, start 6:45, track from Stacey, setup on Thursday 6:00-7:00, take timers off since access not limited to that room

Wynne and Nick buy cabinet in next few weeks

Nick trying to figure out how to help den leaders, getting good at TroopTrack but TroopTrack may not be used next year may switch to ScoutBook, start getting trained on ScoutBook for next year, incorporate ScoutBook training in Balloo training, Nick to start working on ScoutBook and setting up with privileges

Training- Host Balloo for our pack in summer, talk to Jeanine, iron out the date maybe June 16 or 23, need 4 people to sponsor Saturday training

Wynne to get the fun run color run, cake walk- each den donates 3 cakes, Jenny to get 2 Costco cakes, Mr. Kim to dj, any pictures from scouting events for

-Open Floor-         No business was brought up during open floor.

Upcoming Events/Calendar  
·       April 24- Hometown Heroes- Chris Twiggs everyone meet in sanctuary, K-9 officer, motorcycle officer

·       May 3, 2018- District Committee Meeting 7pm

·       May 8, 2018 Awards due for last purchase of year

·       May 10, 2018 7pm District Roundtable @LDS Church

·       May 17, 2018 7pm Pack Committee Meeting

·       May 19, 2018- Spring Fling, this is a replacement of the water war; dunk tank and Kona Ice, cotton candy, color Fun Run

·       May 22, 2018- cross over and change of colors

·       June 4-8, 2018 Day Camp

·       June 7, 2018 7pm District Committee Meeting

·       June 14, 2018 7pm District Roundtable

·       June 30, 2018- Rome Braves game and tailgate; cost is approximately $5

·       July 5, 2018 District Committee Meeting 7pm

·       July 12, 2018 District Roundtable 7pm @LDS Church

·       July 19, 2018 Pack Committee Meeting 7pm

·       July 21, 2018- Legoland in Atlanta, meet @ Bethany Church at 9:45, this is a BSA event so there will be a patch for the boys attending